Hello world!

Okay I am going to be honest.. This is not usually my kind of thing. I am a blog follower not a writer. I decided to join the BLOG Bandwagon so that we can let all of our friends and family in on our day to day activities. Facebook just isn’t cutting it and I am sure that if you have not turned my status’ off yet you would with another baby on the way. Pictures of the day… and every drool, nose picking, exciting event will soon be posted.

Now to get you caught up on all of the craziness… Jarred and I began our incredible journey as husband and wife on September 3, 2011. On that day with friends and family present we made a promise to each other to Love, and Cherish one another. To always keep each others Love Tank full and to be by each others side through thick and thin. The Love that Jarred and I share is like no other. We face obstacles that most marriages will never face. Everyone says the first year is the hardest: I believe the first year is the best and most convincing. We have laughed, cried, argued, loved, smiled, and in all of those emotion we managed to create a life together. These last 10 months have proved to me that it truly takes marrying your best friend to make it through what you could never imagine doing alone.  Our family isn’t perfect, it’s not ideal for most couples but it is who we are. Mr. & Mrs. Jarred Joseph Soukup, of Olathe KS.

Today we are exactly 30 weeks pregnant. Expecting our next addition to the Soukup family July 25, 2012. In just 10 weeks we will get to meet our little guy and add him to our growing football team. He will be one of 3 boys… yes i know, I am surrounded by testosterone, wieners, dirt, and boogers. My patience will be tested as well as my inability to take them shopping for dresses, or make pretty bows. I see a lot of peaceful pedicures in my near future as well as a supportive husband who will definitely need to learn the phrase “SPA DAY” aka mommy alone time.


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