32 Weeks and Counting…

We have finally set the date for Baby Kohen’s arrival. Yes, Kohen Kenneth Soukup is set to arrive via cesarean on July 20, 2012. After touring the hospital and filing for his birth certificate we have decided to announce our baby boy’s name to both family and friends.

We are so excited to meet him and in just 7 weeks he will be in our arms

At our 30 week check up Kohen was measuring 5 weeks big, so our OB sent us to get an emergency sonogram. We hadn’t seen him since our  21 week gender reveal. He ended up measuring in the 71st percentile at 3lbs 12 oz. With just an average amount of fluid they concluded that he will probably be a large baby like Brody. We got to see him kicking around and at one point his mouth began to move. The Tech said that he was drinking my amniotic fluid for food.

We took some family maternity pictures in Jarred’s family wheat field. Which seemed fitting since Kohen will be born in Kansas.

The wooden house is where Jarred’s dad, Jerry, grew up as a boy. Some of the original house is still standing.

Kansas Wheat Field before the harvest


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