Here we GROW again…

We finally did it. Kohen Kenneth Soukup was born July 20, 2012 at 8:08 am. He weighted 9 lbs 8oz. Our little bundle has been doing great and is healthy as can be. Mom is getting as much sleep as possible and is recovering well. Dad is a bit of a baby hog! lol and loves to snuggle with baby in the recliner.

1 week old       9 lbs 5 oz  –  21 1/2 inches long

                                                                                                               Week 2   –    9 lbs 14 oz   –    21 1/2 inches

Such a big brother!! Brody is doing great, he is such a great help and loves having Kohen around. He loves to tickle his feet and sing twinkle twinkle.

4 weeks  –  10 lbs 11 0z    –    21 1/2 inches   – 80 percentile